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IkaCode is a web agency on a human scale. We build websites on a case-by-case basis with a responsible digital approach.

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Make your website stand out from the crowd.

We create websites with a responsible digital approach : eco-design, data sovereignty and accessibility.

Did you know?

Thousands of websites are created around the world every minute. In 2023 alone, there were over a billion of them online.

95% of these sites are poorly designed and optimized, turning the web into a mass of data that doesn’t deliver any concrete results.

We avoid superfluous content to focus on what’s essential

Our approach is to produce less but better.

We build our sites to measure, sparing them the obsolescence and inefficiency that plague sites that are rushed together without any thought for how they might evolve.

We create websites that are well referenced, ultra-fast and that convert.

Websites like we’d like to see more of. Well thought-out, respectful of Internet users… and fun to explore.

Our philosophy

What are our concrete commitments ?

Here are the key points that define our approach and what you can expect from working with us.

Discover some of our web projects

Our work

100% custom-made

We create the architecture and design of your website according to your needs, not the other way round.

Sites built to last

We'll be there for you after you go live, and we'll think about the possibilities for development as your business grows right from the start.

Outstanding performances

We avoid overloading your site and host it on our optimised server reserved for our customers. Each project is audited and monitored over time.

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Our customers share their stories

  • manuela levalet

    Manuela Levalet


    When I discovered his work on my site, it was “wow!”

    I called on Louis Chance for the design and technical overhaul of my professional site.
    Louis was immediately able to identify and understand the visual identity I wanted.
    When I discovered his work on my site, it was “wow!”. He had managed to give her the energy she lacked.
    In terms of ergonomics, every detail was perfectly thought out.
    Technical performance... Nothing to say! Finally, a site that corresponds to Google guidelines.
    In short, 100% satisfied with the creation of Louis Chance.
    For the next developments in my services, I will call on him to integrate them.
    Thanks again !

  • xpressfit

    Julien Manaia

    CEO at XpressFit

    A good listener, responsive and proactive.

    A great job meeting my expectations. Louis knew how to be creative and very responsive to my requests. I recommend.

  • helene g

    Hélène Ganem


    I recommend his services with eyes closed!

    Very happy with the work and the many advices that Louis was able to give me concerning the creation and updates of my blog. He is available, serious and very pedagogical.
    I recommend his services with eyes closed!

  • chloe lulys

    Chloé Thyrion

    Lulys - SCOP La maison de l'initiative

    Ethical solutions adapted to each request

    Louis created my site in February 2023. He is a trustworthy person, attentive to specific wishes and needs and very responsive in the event of a problem. His flexibility and creativity allow him to quickly find ethical solutions adapted to each request. Thank you very much Louis!

  • logo cmb

    Evelyne Desmarest

    Secretary treasurer at Cercle Maurice Blanchard

    We are very satisfied with the service.

    For three months, we have been experimenting with our new site.
    We are very satisfied with the service.
    Easy and convenient use for data maintenance and updating as well as for shared administration.
    Pleasant and user-friendly presentation of the site. Easy to access for any user looking for information about the association's activities.

Let's talk about your project

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  • How long does it take to create a website?

    A complete design project usually takes at least 2 months to complete.
    This includes strategic research, an SEO audit and detailed sitemap, wireframes and full web copywriting, creation of the graphic charter and mock-ups, web development and the optimisation, referencing and server management phases.
    Some large projects can take more than 6 months to complete.
    As you can see, there’s no precise answer to this question.
    But we will establish a roadmap and deadlines before launching your project.
    You’ll get the answer in the sales proposal we’ll send you after your free introductory meeting.

  • How much does a website cost?

    If a professional is able to answer this question before they’ve had a chance to look at your project, beware.
    A website is like a house.
    You can only estimate the cost of building a house if you already have a fairly clear idea of the materials needed, the complexity, the labour and the time required.
    A website can cost several tens of thousands of euros.
    For ‘showcase’ websites, prices are generally around €2,500 – €5,000.

  • How do you ensure that our site is accessible to all users?

    We follow best practice and accessibility guidelines, such as WCAG, to ensure that your site is usable by people with disabilities.
    This includes features such as keyboard navigation, good colour contrast and compatibility with screen readers.

  • How are you reducing the environmental footprint of your sites?

    We start by producing pages that are as light as possible, and avoid overloading them with excessive media and effects.
    We use optimized coding practices and an efficient European hosting solution powered 100% by renewable energy to reduce the site’s carbon footprint.
    In addition, for international audiences, we configure Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to minimise energy consumption and improve performance.

  • Do your sites adapt well to different screen sizes?

    Absolutely, our sites are totally responsive, and can be consulted equally well on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, with no negative impact on the design.
    This improves both the user experience and SEO.

  • Why choose a custom site rather than one based on a template?

    Template sites always look attractive when you browse them in catalogues, with their beautiful photographs and striking text.
    But once you’ve removed the content, you’re left with a skeleton that imposes a structure that isn’t necessarily suited to your project.
    These turnkey sites also generally require you to install certain extensions or page builders.
    So the problem is as much one of form as content.
    By creating a custom site, it’s the architecture and design that will adapt to your project, not the other way round.
    We put in place the functionalities YOU need, for a unique final result that sets you apart from the competition.
    For optimum performance and the ability to evolve and adapt your site to your business over time, something you won’t find using a site template.

  • How do you guarantee data confidentiality and security?

    Right from the design and development stage, your site is in a secure environment.
    We believe that your data and that entrusted to you by your customers/visitors is important and must be under control.
    That’s why we host your site ourselves, as well as our audience measurement solution.
    Your site benefits from an SSL certificate that encrypts information transfers. We set up a 2FA system for accounts with sensitive access and provide ongoing security for your website as part of our managed services plan.

  • What’s the process to create a website?

    We follow several successive steps detailed in our web design and development service.
    These steps include a strategic analysis of your business, definition of the site architecture, UX and content writing, design, WordPress development, optimisation, security and SEO.