Website management, monitoring and maintenance

Your website evolves over time, and requires constant attention to ensure that it remains high-performing and secure.

Why hire someone to take care of the technical management of your site?

A website is not something set in stone. It's an organism that will evolve and is immersed in a constantly changing environment. Continuous attention is required to guarantee its speed and avoid security breaches that could be exploited by malicious entities.

The technical management of a website takes place both at server level and in the backend of the WordPress CMS, to ensure the smooth running and good health of the site.

The good news is that you don't have to become a network technician once your site is online. We manage it for you, and we're there if you need us. With bonuses to boot.

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Our Website Management Plans


We don't do things by halves. Every website entrusted to us is in good hands ! We also offer tailor-made packages on request.

 2 months free on all annual subscriptions 

* We’re not charging you to fix our own mistakes. Even if it’s found months after launch.
** The licenses included are those for the software used globally in the construction of the site (SEO, pro page builder, backup, image optimization, framework, forms, etc.). Software required for specific needs is not included.
*** A job corresponds to a request lasting 30 minutes max. Limit of one job per working day.
Tasks included in this offer: replacing photos, adding/editing text, editing your ecommerce products/articles, updating navigation links, updating footers, editing your rates (services), deleting or hiding certain pages, editing landing pages, editing your forms, changing data in your dynamic fields, managing your customer reviews, managing your geographical locations, general content management.
For any other task or if your monthly credit is exceeded, work will be billed at the current hourly rate.
Unused monthly credits do not carry over.

Email hosting service

To guarantee good deliverability and prevent any risk of data loss, we advise you to use a dedicated e-mail service alongside your web hosting.

Many providers mix these services on the same server. This is not optimal in terms of efficiency and security.

We support our customers free of charge in using data-friendly solutions such as Protonmail.

We also offer our mail hosting services from €9/month, which include configuration, support, mailboxes, aliases and unlimited domain names (yes, you can create 200 mailboxes on 5 different domains if you like).

This service is reserved for our customers who have subscribed to a managed hosting plan with us.

Ask for our email hosting service

Got some questions about our Website Management Plans ?

Here are some common questions we get. Don't hesitate to get int touche if you can't find your answer !

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  • Can I entrust you with the outsourcing of my site, which was created by someone else?

    Yes, we offer tailor-made solutions for sites designed by other agencies.
    A initial audit of your site will enable us to define what we can handle.

  • How often do you make back-ups?

    Your site is backed up every day.
    The Standard plan includes an additional weekly backup on another server.
    The Professional plan includes another daily backup.
    The Ultimate plan will back up your files and database every hour (crucial for ecommerce or LMS sites that manage daily transactions with their users).

  • What safety measures are included in the maintenance plan?

    We secure access to your website by implementing a number of measures: Anti-DDoS level 7, optimised firewall for WordPress, selective access restrictions, proxy, protection against brute force attacks, Captcha protection via a CDN in the event of high traffic, 2FA, etc.
    We also scan your site for malware and monitor its status continuously.
    What’s more, your site is backed up regularly on several separate servers to ensure that it can be restored if necessary.

  • Can you help us with content changes?

    Our standard web outsourcing package takes care of all the ‘technical’ tasks involved in managing your website.
    For content creation/modification operations, we provide personalized tutorials (video/PDF) and are on hand if you have any questions.
    If you’d like dedicated assistance to help you format and publish your blog posts, optimise their content for SEO, edit media or text, etc., we advise you to opt for the Advanced plan, which includes extra webmastering hours.
    The Ultimate plan, on the other hand, is aimed at sites that need regular assistance with content management in addition to increased performance requirements.

    If you think you only need occasional help, we can also help you manage your content at an hourly rate.

  • My site has crashed or has just been hacked. What can you do?

    There are two possible scenarios:
    – If you have not subscribed to our web outsourcing package, we will need to retrieve your various accesses in order to assess the situation. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, we will draw up an estimate to get your site back online and secure it as quickly as possible.
    – Our customers who entrust us with the technical management of their sites are covered against such risks. In the event of a problem, we will be automatically notified by email within a minute thanks to our continuous monitoring, and will restore your site as a matter of priority.