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Because owning a website means having a responsibility towards its visitors and its impact, we adopt good design and development practices.

An intelligently designed website generates leads and works for you 24/7.

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In 2024, having a well-designed website for your business should be your top priority in terms of marketing and communication.

Yet statistics show that around a third of companies still don’t have their own website.

While social networks are great ways to build an audience and gain visibility, your website is the centerpiece of your sales tunnel.

A website offers you a myriad of possibilities and functionalities that you’ll never have elsewhere. Communication, sales, story-telling, ecommerce, reservations, multilingual interfaces…

All designed and optimized for search engines, to generate regular, algorithm-independent organic traffic.

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If you’re on this page, it’s because you’re wondering whether it’s time to update your site.

Or you realize that it’s not making you any money. Worse, your current site is an annual expense that doesn’t reflect the image of your company and its services.

An intelligent redesign of your site can transform this situation. Sometimes it’s better to start from scratch if your site’s architecture hasn’t been properly designed.

Depending on its condition and your objectives, we’ll propose a detailed strategy to achieve your goals and boost your visibility and conversion rate.


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  • How does a custom WordPress site help businesses stand out from the crowd?

    A custom site allows you to create a unique design that matches your brand identity.
    It offers the flexibility to present your products or services in an innovative way, strengthening your online presence and attracting customers through well thought-out SEO work.

  • What security measures do you put in place for company sites?

    We implement robust security measures on our server dedicated to hosting our customers’ sites.
    Each site is isolated from the others, and benefits from Litespeed Enterprise technology for unrivaled performance and security.
    We also implement SSL certificates, regular software updates, daily redundant backups on 2 separate servers, malware scans and secure authentication methods to protect your site from threats and data breaches.

  • Can we integrate e-commerce functions into our site?

    Yes, we build online shops using the famous open-source Woocommerce solution, which is integrated into WordPress.
    Our shops are custom-built and can accept all the payment methods you want, in total security.

  • How do you help companies gain visibility in search engines (SEO)?

    We implement SEO best practice, including optimised metadata, clean URLs and keyword-rich content.We also ensure that your site is fast and compatible with mobile devices, which are essential factors for search engine ranking.
    See our SEO services page for more information.