Website creation for Freelancers

If you're self-employed and want to develop your online presence ?
We'll create an easy-to-use website that showcases your services and skills.

Why choose us to create your professionnal website ?

We know what it's like to start up and run a business on your own. Our web agency also relies on the cooperation of several freelancers.

By entrusting us with the creation of your showcase site, you give yourself a professional online presence that reflects your image and is optimized to reach your audience. We give you the keys to managing your site's content, and take care of all its technical management.

Working with us also means choosing a site that stands out, that's eco-designed, accessible, RGPD-compliant and without a cookie banner to spoil your visitors' browsing experience.

We're also here to advise you and answer your digital questions - even those that don't directly concern your website.

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The advantages of having a website for your freelance business

With a custom website, you have the ideal and unrivaled solution for presenting your business and generating leads for your business. A well-designed site is a sales agent working for you every day of the year, enabling you to :

  • showcase your services or products
  • introduce yourself and humanize your approach
  • share your experience, your portfolio, or testimonials from former customers (if you’re just starting out, they can easily be dynamically integrated later on)
  • offer your visitors a simple way to contact you or book an appointment with you
  • build your audience with a dedicated newsletter tool
  • … and much more besides

Having a website linked to your business name (even if you operate under your own name) is a huge advantage that will immediately make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re offering your services/products to the whole world, or just a small geographic catchment area, a customized website is an investment that quickly pays for itself.

Increase your conversion rate

You’ll convert your visitors far more effectively than through social networks or by dropping off business cards near you.

Not that these strategies are ineffective.

In fact, they’re necessary at the start of your sales tunnel. Keep in mind that on your site, you have your audience’s full attention. You can go into detail and show what makes your offer unique.

Gain in professionalism

As well as having your own business addresses linked to your domain name, you have a real piece of Internet dedicated to your business, professionally designed to create a “Wow” effect for your future customers.

Between several competitors with similar offerings, a prospect will always tend to favor the one with the most professional image. Because that’s a sign that you take your business seriously and are invested in its success.

Free yourself from algorithms

Tired of spending hours battling on LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram to gain visibility? Digital marketing can be time-consuming, but if it’s done right, it can bring great results.

The problem is, if you stake your entire online marketing strategy on proprietary social networks, you also risk losing everything if changes in the algorithms impact you, or these networks are replaced by others!

Then you’re left with nothing, having to start all over again and relying on more than just word of mouth.

A website combined with SEO work brings you reliable visibility and traffic. It complements your marketing strategies to gain visibility and enables you to “convert” effectively.


How does it work ?

Website for Freelancers

We explain our onboarding process.

  1. Discovery Call

    About 30 minutes to understand your business and define the web project that's right for you. We'll answer your questions, and give you an immediate price estimate. The call is free and without obligation.

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  2. Custom detailed proposal

    After our call, you'll receive a sales proposal by email, detailing all project deliverables, deadlines and costs.

  3. Signature and deposit

    Is our offer right for you ? Great ! All you have to do is electronically sign the web services contract and make the deposit to get started.

  4. Project launch

    You'll receive access to our project management tool, where you can follow our progress. A strategic kickoff call will follow so we can start working on your future site ! The project follows our tried-and-tested webdesign and development workflow.

Our customers share their stories

  • We are very satisfied with the service.

    For three months, we have been experimenting with our new site.
    We are very satisfied with the service.
    Easy and convenient use for data maintenance and updating as well as for shared administration.
    Pleasant and user-friendly presentation of the site. Easy to access for any user looking for information about the association's activities.

  • When I discovered his work on my site, it was “wow!”

    I called on Louis Chance for the design and technical overhaul of my professional site.
    Louis was immediately able to identify and understand the visual identity I wanted.
    When I discovered his work on my site, it was “wow!”. He had managed to give her the energy she lacked.
    In terms of ergonomics, every detail was perfectly thought out.
    Technical performance... Nothing to say! Finally, a site that corresponds to Google guidelines.
    In short, 100% satisfied with the creation of Louis Chance.
    For the next developments in my services, I will call on him to integrate them.
    Thanks again !

  • A good listener, responsive and proactive.

    A great job meeting my expectations. Louis knew how to be creative and very responsive to my requests. I recommend.

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  • Why create your own WordPress site as a freelancer?

    A personalized website allows you to showcase your work in a space that is uniquely yours and that reflects your personality.
    Instead of relying solely on social networks, which are limited in terms of functionality and whose effectiveness fluctuates over time, a website helps to establish your professionalism and generates a new flow of leads.
    A website evolves with your business, allowing you to add new features over time.

  • I need to create my brand image. Can you help me?

    Defining your visual identity is a key stage that will have an impact on your image, both on your website and in your communications on social networks.
    We can create these elements for you, or use existing ones for your site if you already have a graphic designer who has produced these elements.

  • Once my site is online, what do I do if I have technical problems?

    We strongly recommend that all our customers, whether freelancers or companies, subscribe to one of our website management plans once the site is up and running.
    We’ll manage all the day-to-day technical tasks for you: hosting, monitoring, security, updates, backups, all kinds of optimisation, and you’ll also benefit from our agency licences.
    Our management plan includes our bug-fix guarantee.
    Of course, you remain in control of managing the content of your site, and we are at your disposal if you have any questions.
    If you decide to manage your site and its hosting yourself, we will point out the important tasks to consider to ensure its longevity, and assist you with its migration.

  • I need to share my diary online so that my prospects can book online. Is this possible?

    Yes, it’s a common request from freelancers.
    We use a lightweight open-source solution with no tracking cookies that synchronises with your current diary solution to display available slots on the days and times of your choice.
    Everything is automated, for as many types of appointment as you like.
    And there’s no subscription to pay (unlike Calendly).