IkaCode, a responsible web agency on a human scale

We create websites and provide web support in a way that promotes open-source solutions, optimisation and sustainability.

Portrait de Louis

Quick presentation

Louis Chancé, Founder of IkaCode

I created my first website in 2000 when I was still at college. It was all about video games, packed with content, articles and reviews, and even partnered with a monthly gaming magazine.

After ten years as a physics engineer, followed by experience in the tourism industry, and several years running an e-commerce business, I rediscovered my passion for web development.

In 2020, I undertook training to return to my teenage passion: creating high-performance, effective websites.

With Ika Code, I offer solutions based on open source tools, with a focus on responsible practices.

Working with other web professionals, we are committed to reducing the ecological impact of digital technology, ensuring accessibility for all, and complying with data privacy regulations (RGPD).

Our commitments

By the way, why this name ?

About IkaCode

poulpe illustration

The name “Ika Code” refers to the incredible adaptability of squid, or “ika” in Japanese.

Like octopuses, known for their ability to change shape, color or behavior to adapt to their environment, we are flexible and responsive to our customers’ needs.

The ocean, like the Internet, is vast and full of possibilities, but can also be unpredictable. Squid thrive in this complex world thanks to their adaptability and intelligence.

In the same way, we remain at the forefront of technological innovation and security to ensure that our customers evolve serenely in this ever-changing digital environment.