On this page you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about creating and managing a website.

Table of Content

General questions

  • How long does it take to create a website?

    A complete design project usually takes at least 2 months to complete.
    This includes strategic research, an SEO audit and detailed sitemap, wireframes and full web copywriting, creation of the graphic charter and mock-ups, web development and the optimisation, referencing and server management phases.
    Some large projects can take more than 6 months to complete.
    As you can see, there’s no precise answer to this question.
    But we will establish a roadmap and deadlines before launching your project.
    You’ll get the answer in the sales proposal we’ll send you after your free introductory meeting.

  • How much does a website cost?

    If a professional is able to answer this question before they’ve had a chance to look at your project, beware.
    A website is like a house.
    You can only estimate the cost of building a house if you already have a fairly clear idea of the materials needed, the complexity, the labour and the time required.
    A website can cost several tens of thousands of euros.
    For ‘showcase’ websites, prices are generally around €2,500 – €5,000.

  • How do you ensure that our site is accessible to all users?

    We follow best practice and accessibility guidelines, such as WCAG, to ensure that your site is usable by people with disabilities.
    This includes features such as keyboard navigation, good colour contrast and compatibility with screen readers.

  • How are you reducing the environmental footprint of your sites?

    We start by producing pages that are as light as possible, and avoid overloading them with excessive media and effects.
    We use optimized coding practices and an efficient European hosting solution powered 100% by renewable energy to reduce the site’s carbon footprint.
    In addition, for international audiences, we configure Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to minimise energy consumption and improve performance.

  • Do your sites adapt well to different screen sizes?

    Absolutely, our sites are totally responsive, and can be consulted equally well on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, with no negative impact on the design.
    This improves both the user experience and SEO.

  • Why choose a custom site rather than one based on a template?

    Template sites always look attractive when you browse them in catalogues, with their beautiful photographs and striking text.
    But once you’ve removed the content, you’re left with a skeleton that imposes a structure that isn’t necessarily suited to your project.
    These turnkey sites also generally require you to install certain extensions or page builders.
    So the problem is as much one of form as content.
    By creating a custom site, it’s the architecture and design that will adapt to your project, not the other way round.
    We put in place the functionalities YOU need, for a unique final result that sets you apart from the competition.
    For optimum performance and the ability to evolve and adapt your site to your business over time, something you won’t find using a site template.

  • How do you guarantee data confidentiality and security?

    Right from the design and development stage, your site is in a secure environment.
    We believe that your data and that entrusted to you by your customers/visitors is important and must be under control.
    That’s why we host your site ourselves, as well as our audience measurement solution.
    Your site benefits from an SSL certificate that encrypts information transfers. We set up a 2FA system for accounts with sensitive access and provide ongoing security for your website as part of our managed services plan.

  • What’s the process to create a website?

    We follow several successive steps detailed in our web design and development service.
    These steps include a strategic analysis of your business, definition of the site architecture, UX and content writing, design, WordPress development, optimisation, security and SEO.

Care plans and Website Management

  • Can I entrust you with the outsourcing of my site, which was created by someone else?

    Yes, we offer tailor-made solutions for sites designed by other agencies.
    A initial audit of your site will enable us to define what we can handle.

  • How often do you make back-ups?

    Your site is backed up every day.
    The Standard plan includes an additional weekly backup on another server.
    The Professional plan includes another daily backup.
    The Ultimate plan will back up your files and database every hour (crucial for ecommerce or LMS sites that manage daily transactions with their users).

  • What safety measures are included in the maintenance plan?

    We secure access to your website by implementing a number of measures: Anti-DDoS level 7, optimised firewall for WordPress, selective access restrictions, proxy, protection against brute force attacks, Captcha protection via a CDN in the event of high traffic, 2FA, etc.
    We also scan your site for malware and monitor its status continuously.
    What’s more, your site is backed up regularly on several separate servers to ensure that it can be restored if necessary.

  • Can you help us with content changes?

    Our standard web outsourcing package takes care of all the ‘technical’ tasks involved in managing your website.
    For content creation/modification operations, we provide personalized tutorials (video/PDF) and are on hand if you have any questions.
    If you’d like dedicated assistance to help you format and publish your blog posts, optimise their content for SEO, edit media or text, etc., we advise you to opt for the Advanced plan, which includes extra webmastering hours.
    The Ultimate plan, on the other hand, is aimed at sites that need regular assistance with content management in addition to increased performance requirements.

    If you think you only need occasional help, we can also help you manage your content at an hourly rate.

  • My site has crashed or has just been hacked. What can you do?

    There are two possible scenarios:
    – If you have not subscribed to our web outsourcing package, we will need to retrieve your various accesses in order to assess the situation. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, we will draw up an estimate to get your site back online and secure it as quickly as possible.
    – Our customers who entrust us with the technical management of their sites are covered against such risks. In the event of a problem, we will be automatically notified by email within a minute thanks to our continuous monitoring, and will restore your site as a matter of priority.

Questions for Businesses

  • How does a custom WordPress site help businesses stand out from the crowd?

    A custom site allows you to create a unique design that matches your brand identity.
    It offers the flexibility to present your products or services in an innovative way, strengthening your online presence and attracting customers through well thought-out SEO work.

  • What security measures do you put in place for company sites?

    We implement robust security measures on our server dedicated to hosting our customers’ sites.
    Each site is isolated from the others, and benefits from Litespeed Enterprise technology for unrivaled performance and security.
    We also implement SSL certificates, regular software updates, daily redundant backups on 2 separate servers, malware scans and secure authentication methods to protect your site from threats and data breaches.

  • Can we integrate e-commerce functions into our site?

    Yes, we build online shops using the famous open-source Woocommerce solution, which is integrated into WordPress.
    Our shops are custom-built and can accept all the payment methods you want, in total security.

  • How do you help companies gain visibility in search engines (SEO)?

    We implement SEO best practice, including optimised metadata, clean URLs and keyword-rich content.We also ensure that your site is fast and compatible with mobile devices, which are essential factors for search engine ranking.
    See our SEO services page for more information.

Questions for Freelancers

  • Why create your own WordPress site as a freelancer?

    A personalized website allows you to showcase your work in a space that is uniquely yours and that reflects your personality.
    Instead of relying solely on social networks, which are limited in terms of functionality and whose effectiveness fluctuates over time, a website helps to establish your professionalism and generates a new flow of leads.
    A website evolves with your business, allowing you to add new features over time.

  • I need to create my brand image. Can you help me?

    Defining your visual identity is a key stage that will have an impact on your image, both on your website and in your communications on social networks.
    We can create these elements for you, or use existing ones for your site if you already have a graphic designer who has produced these elements.

  • Once my site is online, what do I do if I have technical problems?

    We strongly recommend that all our customers, whether freelancers or companies, subscribe to one of our website management plans once the site is up and running.
    We’ll manage all the day-to-day technical tasks for you: hosting, monitoring, security, updates, backups, all kinds of optimisation, and you’ll also benefit from our agency licences.
    Our management plan includes our bug-fix guarantee.
    Of course, you remain in control of managing the content of your site, and we are at your disposal if you have any questions.
    If you decide to manage your site and its hosting yourself, we will point out the important tasks to consider to ensure its longevity, and assist you with its migration.

  • I need to share my diary online so that my prospects can book online. Is this possible?

    Yes, it’s a common request from freelancers.
    We use a lightweight open-source solution with no tracking cookies that synchronises with your current diary solution to display available slots on the days and times of your choice.
    Everything is automated, for as many types of appointment as you like.
    And there’s no subscription to pay (unlike Calendly).

Questions for Associations

  • Do you offer discounts for non-profit organisations?

    We support non-profit associations and organisations involved in environmental or social causes, or committed to a more open and fair digital environment, by offering a discount on the quote.
    This discount is at our discretion and depends on the type of project.

  • We don’t have any members with IT skills, so will we be able to manage our site easily?

    Our sites come with PDF and video tutorials so you can manage the content, even if you have turnover or need to refresh your memory.
    What’s more, we offer you the option of video chats to help you get your website up and running.
    If, despite everything, you feel you need regular assistance to put your content online or modify it, we recommend that you subscribe to the Professional plan, which includes hours of monthly work to manage your content (you can also ask for occasional help on a per-assignment basis).

  • How can a website benefit our association?

    A custom WordPress website allows non-profit organisations to have a unique online presence that reflects their mission and values.
    It offers flexibility for fundraising, volunteer coordination, posting your events and news, and awareness/fundraising campaigns.

  • Can we integrate a donation platform on our site?

    Absolutely, we can integrate popular donation platforms using iframe technology, or create customised donation forms tailored to your specific needs.
    This allows you to collect and manage donations securely directly via your site (for example via secure payment).

  • What kind of ongoing support do you offer non-profit organisations?

    We offer comprehensive maintenance plans, as with all our websites, which include hosting, regular updates, remote server back-ups, security checks and performance optimisation, to ensure your site runs smoothly and safely.
    In addition to this, we can manage your content if you need help uploading or editing your content, such as blog posts or events (Professional plan).