Coline Madral

Following a hacking attack, Coline decided to carry out a complete overhaul of its site to start afresh with a new visual identity. With a view to launching its online video formatoin service in the coming months.

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  • Copywriting
  • Local SEO
  • Newsletter
  • On-Page SEO
  • Self-hosted analytics
  • Website Revamp
  • WordPress
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Mockup du site de Coline Madral
A new, secure site ready to evolve to offer online training via LMS.

About the client

Coline has been working in the field of well-being since 2009. A passionate freelancer, she has built up a rich network of clients in the Paris region, thanks to her unique offering in her field, combining reflexology, massage and energy care.

Early on, she understood the importance of having a website to complement her communication on Instagram, the social network on which she generates the most leads.

But her initial site had been hacked several times, to the point where its content had been completely lost.

Needs and challenges

Coline’s first request was for a new site that would stand up to the attacks she’d been subjected to in recent years.

We were given free rein to define a new visual identity and a well-designed site map.

As her business required her to manage hundreds of appointments every quarter, she also wanted to integrate her online calendar system into her site for a better user experience.

Coline also wanted to build her site on a scalable system that would allow her to easily add the online course platform functionality she’s working on.

Alongside her Instagram network, it was also decided to include an email capture system to build her audience and be able to notify her subscribers via email when her online training course went live in the future.


In early 2024, Coline proudly shared its new website with its community of over 6,000 followers on Instagram. The success was immediate !

An easier booking process

Formerly a Calendly customer, we migrated her system to an opensource, feature-rich appointment scheduling platform that’s completely free for freelancers.

With a single click in her dashboard, Coline can activate or deactivate the integration of her calendar on her website. A message then warns her visitors that her calendar is already full, and invites them to follow her on Instagram to find out about the next opening date.

projet Coline Madral - page de prise de rdv

Improved content management

Coline subscribed to our website management package so she could concentrate on her business and content management.

Like all the sites we produce, her site has been carefully optimized and secured.

Several tutorials and sessions were carried out to enable her to become more autonomous in :

  • managing her online diary in the new system set up for her. In particular, managing schedules and blocking appointments by quarter.
  • Adding testimonials from former customers, which are automatically displayed on the site.
  • The addition of her press appearances via the dashboard, for display on the site.
  • Minor content modifications.