Creation of a website for a new Swiss association aimed at integrating young immigrants.

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  • Copywriting
  • Event management
  • Multilingual website
  • Newsletter
  • Self-hosted analytics
  • WordPress
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The association's website has enabled the young people to share their stories with their families and other schools, and to promote the publication of their book.

About the association

Trames is a young Swiss association launched on the initiative of Noémie Mathivat, a teacher in Lausanne.

Its aim is to give a voice to young people who have immigrated to Switzerland, to share their experiences of their arrival in this new country, through creative activity.

The project has evolved considerably over time, starting with the publication of an illustrated collection of these stories.

Noémie wished to supplement this paper medium with a digital version, which as the project progressed did much more than simply disseminate the testimonies of the young people in the collective.

Needs and challenges

The initial request was to create a website that would showcase the artistic creations of the collective’s young people, as well as their stories through an “albécédaire”, a sort of alphabetical album in blog form.

The project quickly expanded to include a system for creating and managing events, to publicize outings and meetings between young members of the association.

A news area was also requested, as well as the creation of an interactive map on which to visualize the origins of Trames’ young people.

A newsletter was also requested, as well as automatic translation of the pages into the languages spoken by the group’s young people.

This project was carried out in collaboration with other artistic professionals who also worked on the photographs, videos and storybook.

All these factors had to be taken into account to produce a site that would also be easy for young people to use afterwards.

In addition, particular attention was paid to the use of inclusive language and accessibility criteria to enable as many people as possible to consult this interactive site.


A colorful website in the image of this young and dynamic association.

The site is easy to learn, enabling young people to put all kinds of content online:

  • stories for their alphabet books in several languages
  • news to share the life of the association
  • events with a link to the whatsApp group for young people from Lausanne to meet up and share ideas
  • newsletters to communicate by email with their audience.

In addition, the site is a good way of promoting the book edited and published in 2024.

The audio and video recordings were edited by a partner association and integrated directly into the story pages, enabling everyone to discover the testimonies of the collective’s young people.

Last but not least, an automated instant translation system has been set up on the site to enable non-French speakers (including the families of young people who have arrived in Switzerland) to follow their stories.