Ocean academy

Complete redesign of the Ocean academy website, an association dedicated to raising young people's awareness of the oceans.

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A professional website that has increased the association's impact tenfold with the general public, and a team workspace for online sharing and collaboration on projects.

About the association

Ocean academy is an association under the French law of 1901, whose main aim is to raise awareness among young people of the beauty and fragility of the Ocean, through activities in schools and extracurricular activities, as well as at festivals, or simply through its online presence.

The association, officially created in 2023, was originally a division of the Longitude 181 association, before becoming an independent project.

With this change, it became necessary to develop a new website.

Goals and expectations

As the association is made up exclusively of volunteers, it was essential that they should be able to easily appropriate the website’s content management tools:

  • production of blog posts to report on the association’s news and actions, as well as events linked to its theme (the ocean)
  • creation of newsletters
  • dynamic data that will evolve over time, such as lists of members and external supporters
  • resources and other educational content to share online.

In addition, the newly-created association was looking for a project management and internal communications solution.

The revamped website

The association’s new site has taken a graphic direction reminiscent of the ocean, and is visually coherent with the young target audience.

A modal menu has been created to make it easy to navigate the site, which contains a large number of pages and types of content.

The site fulfills its mission of providing educational and entertaining online content for young people and teachers, as well as informing visitors about the association’s actions and possibilities for intervention.

Multiple pdf and video tutorials have been produced, as well as visios, to train active members in web content management.

In addition to technical support for the site, webmastering assistance enables the association to delegate certain “technical” tasks.

Nextcloud collaborative workspace

A Nextcloud instance has been deployed and configured to meet the needs of the association and its volunteers.

In particular, this tool can be used to manage files with sharing control, organize online discussions (chat and visio), and share the agendas of the various branches.

Aperçu de l'agenda collaboratif dans le Nextcloud d'Ocean academy