Maurice Blanchard Circle

Complete overhaul of the website of a French local association dedicated to preserving Montdidier's local history and art scene. Integration of a blog, calendar of events, and easy management of new memberships.

  • Blog
  • Copywriting
  • Event management
  • Local SEO
  • Newsletter
  • Self-hosted analytics
  • Website Revamp
  • WordPress
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Volunteers have been trained to manage their own publications, events and association subscriptions.

About the association

The Maurice Blanchard Circle, a local association based in Montdidier, France, is deeply committed to preserving and promoting the region’s vibrant arts and cultural scene.

Through their dedicated efforts, they organize a variety of events and workshops that showcase the rich history, heritage and talented artists that Montdidier has to offer.

Needs and challenges

Faced with the limitations of an outdated website, the Maurice Blanchard Circle was looking for a transformation that would align with their mission and overcome the challenges they faced.

They needed a modern, responsive website that would serve as an online platform for sharing information and interacting with the community, while allowing them to easily update content, announce events and manage memberships.

They were determined to establish a digital presence that would reflect the dynamic and creative spirit of Montdidier’s arts and culture scene.


In response to their needs, the website was completely rebuilt.

It has been redesigned to offer a fresh interface that highlights the city’s artistic wealth.

Only the Maurice Blanchard Circle logo and a few visual elements were retained to ensure continuity and recognition.

A customized blog meeting their specific needs has been set up to regularly publish engaging content on local artists, events and historical information.

To facilitate event management, an intuitive bespoke system enables the Maurice Blanchard Circle to easily announce and promote upcoming events.

In addition, the website’s structure has been optimized to improve search engine visibility, helping to attract a wider audience and increase awareness of Montdidier’s cultural offerings.

To encourage community involvement and membership management, a subscription form has also been integrated, enabling visitors to easily join the Maurice Blanchard Circle community and receive regular updates on their activities and initiatives.

Overall, the result is a visually impressive and highly functional website that effectively represents the Maurice Blanchard Circle’s commitment to arts and culture in Montdidier.

Thanks to this powerful digital platform, they have the means to share their passion for local history and artists, as well as strengthen ties with the community they serve.