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Complete overhaul of the Guissignies town hall website, with performance optimization and training of staff in site management.

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Clearer navigation, more complete content, and autonomous staff for the publication of local news.

About the cityhall

The mayor’s office of the commune of Gissignies, a local authority in northern France committed to serving and informing its citizens, had been experiencing persistent problems with its existing website.

The existing municipal team was untrained in the technical aspects of running a website, and technical problems were beginning to appear.

The original developer had become unreachable, so they needed to start afresh.

Needs and challenges

The situation was complex, as the current site presented major difficulties: email delivery problems, an inability to effectively modify site content due to a lack of support from the original developer, and a pressing need to improve the user experience and overall design of the site.

The project’s most pressing challenge lay in resolving the technical problems associated with email and implementing a more efficient subscriber management system.

In addition, the site required a complete overhaul of the user interface to make navigation fluid and intuitive. It also had to be guaranteed that the municipal team could easily update the site’s content without having to rely on external technical assistance.

Another challenge was to ensure a smooth transition from the old site to the new one, preserving existing resources while significantly improving performance and user-friendliness.

Certain functionalities were also improved, such as the introduction of a calendar to easily present the commune’s events.


A new, robust and modern WordPress site was designed for this project.

Email deliverability was boosted to enable the Town Hall to communicate effectively with citizens.

A subscriber list system was also set up to facilitate contact management and the targeted dispatch of information.

The overhaul of the user interface and design created an aesthetically appealing and ergonomic site, offering a fluid experience for visitors. Navigation and information architecture were redesigned to make access to essential information more intuitive.

Finally, a series of 15 personalized video tutorials was delivered, in addition to remote interviews to help the municipal team get to grips with all the non-technical aspects of the site.

This initiative has reinforced their autonomy and confidence in the day-to-day management of the site. A visio Q&A session was also scheduled to help those in charge feel at ease with the new tools.

The outsourcing service to which the town council has subscribed guarantees the long-term smooth running of the site, as well as dedicated technical assistance should the need arise.